Miriam Halprin LMSW

Miriam Halprin LMSW
Director of Community Outreach
Location: Michigan

Miriam Halprin, LMSW is a Family Preservation Specialist and Consultant. A Licensed Masters’ Social Worker, she started her career providing state-mandated, intensive home based crisis intervention to high risk families in Detroit and Wayne County. An administrator of program development, her scope of practice spans the social work spectrum. Miriam received her Masters’ Degree in Social Work from Wayne State University in 2001. She is certified in Child and Family Supervision through the MSU School of Social Work, and in Social Work Core Supervision through the National Association of Social Workers, Michigan Chapter (NASW-MI).

Miriam has provided service coordination through child welfare and community health agencies on behalf of diverse populations, from infants to the elderly, through numerous local, state and federal systems. She has been instrumental in initiating organizational shifts and institutional efforts at improvements in policy and practice. As a Family Preservation Specialist and Consultant, Miriam guides and supports families in crisis. As a former investigator for the State of Michigan Child and Family Services, she offers perspective and strategic alternatives inclusive of family integrity toward improved outcomes for at-risk children.

Since passage of the Michigan Medical Marihuana Act of 2008, Miriam has been exploring medical cannabis as an evolving alternative and emerging scope of practice for social workers who are interested in integrative health care reform. A growing awareness of an ethical obligation to advocate and intervene on behalf of both the health care needs and civil liberties for these vulnerable populations was becoming evident. Miriam sought out professional training opportunities affiliated with medical cannabis and pursued her continuing education in the field of understanding medical cannabis.

Miriam has served as the Director of Community Outreach for My Compassion since 2012. Having participated in over a dozen symposiums and workshops on medical cannabis, she has developed and facilitated professional trainings for social work continuing education toward state licensure as well as for the community. Her collaborative efforts have included an introductory training and a general overview for Michigan social workers, coauthoring an article chronicling the introductory training (published by NASW-MI), and facilitating presentations focusing on child welfare, family preservation, civic responsibility and how communities are responding to the Michigan Medical Marihuana Act of 2008.