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My Compassion is dedicated to research with cannabinoid therapeutics necessary to provide the scientific data that will help patients and providers better understand, dosing, drug interactions, side effects and treatment options.

My Compassion’s top research priorities include:

  • The use of cannabis for the treatment of cancer
  • Cannabis as a harm reduction for opioid and heroin use disorder

Over the past eight years’ patients have identified that cannabis is beneficial for many of the conditions they suffer from, but the lack of information is overwhelming.

Typical the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) and National Institute of Drug Abuse (NIDA)approved research takes years to accomplish on a schedule 1 drug, which includes cannabis. With your help, My Compassion can bypass these obstacles and advance IRB (Internal Review Board) approved clinical trials, with legitimate protocols using cannabis based therapeutics.

When you donate to research at My Compassion, you not only help the millions of people suffering every year but you also advance studies that provide the scientific data that opens the barriers between patients and healthcare providers.

Donate $25.00 or more and receive a My Compassion Nylon Drawstring Bag, as our way of saying a big


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