MMM Response Team

On Dec 20,2016, House Bills 4209, and 4827 known as the MEDICAL MARIHUANA FACILITIES ACT AND MARIHUANA TRACKING ACT became law, allowing for businesses to cultivate, process, dispense, transport and test cannabis.

Each City will have the task of deciding which if any of these commercial businesses they want to allow and then developing ordinances for them. A new Board and Committee will be assembled by the Governor who will be responsible for approving all applications and creating the regulatory framework.

In response to the new legislation My Compassion has assembled the Michigan Medical Marijuana Response Team, specifically to assist municipalities by providing accurate, information they can trust when deciding to Opt in or Opt out. With over 70 years combined experience in the cannabis industry; its team of professionals include Attorneys, Doctors, Nurses and Social Workers who each bring an abundance of experience and expertise. Having worked hand in hand with patients, dispensaries, healthcare providers and communities in Michigan, they know what issues are most important for patients, their families. Public safety is a high priority to My Compassion as it is critical to the longevity and positive outcome in any community considering a cannabis program.

My Compassion welcomes the opportunity to work with Michigan municipalities including its government officials, Chief of Police, Fire Chief, Board of Education, Health Department and residents. It is imperative everyone involved in the decision-making process receive the correct information and facts when developing ordinances to allow commercial cannabis businesses.

You can trust My Compassion and the Michigan Medical Marijuana Response Team to positively assist your Community in its due diligence process. For more information or to inquire about scheduling a presentation, please call 844-226- 6200 or email