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Outreach, Education, & Research on the Medical Benefits of Cannabis
Pediatric & Adolescent Medical Cannabis – My Compassion | Outreach, Education, & Research on the Medical Benefits of Cannabis

Our Mission

To advocate and protect the rights of children who use medical cannabis.

Causes & Laws

According to the National Conference of State Legislatures, thirty-six states plus the District of Columbia allow the use of medical cannabis. Of these, 18 states permit the prescription of cannabidiol to minors.

In 2018 the issue of student access came to the forefront in Illinois, where a student was not permitted to consume legally prescribed low-THC cannabidiol on school grounds. In response to a lawsuit filed by the Surins, the Illinois legislature passed H.B. 4870, also known as Ashley’s Law, allowing students to consume non-smokable medical marijuana on school grounds.

Colorado, Florida, Maine, New Jersey and Washington have similar laws as the Illinois legislation in that;

  • Students must have a valid medical recommendation to use cannabis on school property.
  • No smokable cannabis can be administered on school grounds.
  • Cannabis may only be administered by a parent, legal guardian or primary caregiver.
  • Students cannot be punished for the use of cannabis on school property.

Note: Florida and Washington, leave the details to school districts to decide on implementing and or allowing students to consume on school property.

On August 12, 2019, Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker signed Public Act 101-0370 (SB 0455), which significantly expands Ashley’s Law relating to the use and administration of medical cannabis to students in schools. One of the most significant changes is that Medical cannabis prescribed by a physician can be stored on school grounds in the same manner as other medications (securely with direct access only by school personnel). View all of Ashley’s Law changes Here.

The Committee for Pediatric and Adolescent Medical Cannabis introduced language to Michigan legislators in January of 2020, recommending a Bill that will protect the rights of the child, parents, legal guardian, teacher, nurse, bus driver and any other person responsible for administering. It is important to also include protections for all school related activities the children participate in such as sports, field trips, bus rides, events and summer camp programs.

We are proposing that Michigan adopt a new state law, that mirrors “Ashley’s Law (IL HB4870)” which has been successfully in effect for more than a year in Illinois. The impact of such a law would allow for statewide training for school nurses and the staff administering with collaboration between the Michigan Board of Education and the Department of Health as was done in Illinois. Children need access to their treatment wherever they are, especially in emergency situations such as a seizure. Under the current laws in Michigan, a child who is registered with the state to use cannabis would have to be removed one thousand feet from the school before they could receive medicine containing THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD (cannabidiol).

On April 6, 2021 House Bills 4796 and 4797 were introduced into the Education Committee by House Representative Alex Garza and cosponsored by Samantha  Steckloff, Yousef Rabhi, Kevin Coleman, Abraham Aiyash, Rachel Hood, Cynthia Johnson.

With the Bills being introduced into the Education Committee in the middle of a pandemic, it is extremely important everyone who supports this legislation join us in helping to get the Bills up for a hearing and passed into legislation.

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