Tracy Rapport

Tracy Rapport
Director of Community Outreach
Location: Pittsburgh

Tracy Rapport serves at the Director of Community Outreach for the Pennsylvania Chapter of
My Compassion. Tracy joined My Compassion in 2017, shortly after the Medical Marijuana Act,
was passed in PA, Act 16 allows the use of cannabis for patients that suffer from 17 chronic
conditions. Tracy’s ability to bring a nationally recognized federal nonprofit such as My
Compassion to her hometown of PA, will allow her to increase awareness and understanding of
medical cannabis through Education, Outreach and Research.

Since 2012 Tracy has owned and operated Steel City Vapors Express in Pittsburgh, PA which
specializes in helping cigarette smokers successfully switch to non-combusting devices. Tracy
decided to open her retail business because of her personal experiences trying to quit smoking
for over 10 years.

At the heart of everything Tracy is an educator. Prior to opening Steel City Vapors, Tracy
worked in preschool through middle school teaching Science. She received her MAT for
Secondary Science from the University of Pittsburgh in 2004. During her tenure teaching, Tracy
taught for 10 years in public Middle School, Private Pre-school and an Environmental Charter