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Outreach, Education, & Research on the Medical Benefits of Cannabis
Milestones – My Compassion | Outreach, Education, & Research on the Medical Benefits of Cannabis
Since our inception in 2009, My Compassion is proud to have reached several milestones over the years.
2018 Milestones
  • Eastern Michigan University Internships approved
  • Western Michigan University Internships approved
  • Attended UM, EMU, NMU and WMU Government and Nonprofit Career Fairs
  • Tracy Rapport joins My Compassion as Director of Community Outreach, PA
  • Launched My Compassion Pennsylvania at the World Cannabis Expo, PA
  • My Compassion Spring Fundraiser Quartermania
  • Hosted the Treating Cancer with Cannabis Symposium, Sheraton Hotel Detroit Metro Airport
  • Introduced research proposal to the University of Michigan Athletic Department for Cannabidiol as a Supplement to Opioids in Sports Related Injuries
  • Hosted the Medical Cannabis Symposium at Northern Michigan University, Marquette, MI
  • Planning Committee assembled for the My Compassion Center for Cannabis Education & Research
  • Presented by invite at the City of Taylor public hearing for opting in or out of the MMFLA
  • Launched Cookies for Compassion (cannabis themed cookies)
  • Launched Fall Fundraiser Canna-Aid to assist veterans, seniors and low income
  • Launched Fundraising Campaign for the Center for Cannabis Education & Research
  • Presented by invite at multiple municipalities to speak at public hearings on medical cannabis MMFLA (all opted in:)
  • Mentored and worked with over 12 student interns in a variety of positions. More than half stayed for another semester or are now volunteering!
  • Attorney Todd Levitt joins My Compassion Legal Advisory Board
2017 Milestones
  • Published Vol II – The Guide to Understanding the Michigan Medical Marijuana Act
  • Planning Committee – My Compassion Research Center
  • Presented THC Expo,Detroit
  • Treating Cancer with Cannabis Webinar – National Cancer Survivor Day
  • My Compassion Pennsylvania Chapter Development
  • My Compassion College Internship Committee assembled
  • Attorney Denise Pollicella Joined My Compassion Legal Advisory Board
  • My Compassion Michigan Municipal Presentations
  • University of Michigan Student Internships Approved
  • Northern Michigan University Student Internships Approved
2016 Milestones

In 2016, My Compassion promoted a variety of clinical trials for cannabis research including:

  • Michigan State Bar Foundation – Grant application submitted for MMMA Guide Volume II
  • Presentation Bedford Grow and Maribis Dispensary – Chicago, IL
  • De Paul University Research Partner – Patient Provider Gap for Medical Cannabis
  • Launched Cannabis and Cancer Research Donation containers in Michigan
  • New Affiliate – CBD Wellness Depot
  • University of Michigan Transportation Department Research Partner
  • Partnership with CannTrials for Cannabis Research
2015 Milestones

2015 has led to further development of My Compassion’s branch in Illinois and the addition of a number of healthcare and legal professionals to our advisory board and further exposure to My Compassion’s awareness programs.

  • The American Cultivator distribution expansion to Illinois at places like Wholefoods, Starbucks, Panera Bread, Wal Greens, CVS, Krogers, 7-11 and many more locations.
  • Presentation to 300 tribal leaders at the Native Nations Event in San Diego, CA on Harm Reduction, Chronic Pain and Cannabinoids.
  • Participated in the Medical Canna Investor Summit and trained Director in Colorado.
  • Community meetings begin in Illinois at Chicago Public Libraries.
  • Tribal communities contact My Compassion to begin education and research with tribes across the country via My Tribal Compassion.
  • Hosted the My Compassion Canna Conference at Navy Pier bringing together a variety of patients, doctors, attorneys and political representatives.
  • University of Michigan Dearborn presentation on Women’s Issues and Health for a Public Health Policy class.
  • National Association of Social Workers continuing education course presentation on “Medical Cannabinoids: What Every Social Worker Needs to Know” held at the West Bloomfield Township Public Library.
  • Courtney Allen Gentry joined My Compassion Medical Advisory Board
  • Dr. Robert Melamede joined My Compassion Medical Advisory Board
  • Presentation – Native American Tribe (9) on CBD only legislation – Oklahoma
  • Sponsor – CINV and Cannabis Dosing Clinical Study, Illinois
2014 Milestones

2014 brought another name change to the organization as requests begin to come in from around the country to open branches in other states changed from Michigan Compassion to My Compassion and was created for patients to focus on themselves by showing compassion to your health.

  • Three hour collegiate course to nursing students at Calvin College “Pain in the Class” on the medical benefits and science of cannabinoids.
  • The American Cultivator first release under new ownership.
  • Wayne State University – 3rd year Law School Presentation with Alysa Erwin and Dr. Mark Neumann about Medical Cannabinoids.
  • Central Michigan University presentation about My Compassion to a classroom of students.
  • Presentation to Denver audience to 5,000 attendees on the benefits of Cannabinoids and My Compassion.
  • Presentation at the AutismOne Expo on how cannabinoids helps with spectrum disorders and how My Compassion has become a fast growing grassroots organization.
  • My Compassion CEO Heidi Parikh appears on AutismOne radio show A Conversation of Hope to discuss cannabis use for spectrum disorders.
  • Presentation in Atlanta, Georgia to 1,000 attendees on the medical benefits of cannabinoids and hemp.
  • Chicago Canna Conference hosted by My Compassion held at Navy Pier for 3,000 attendees.
  • My Compassion begins branch development for its first branch in Illinois.
  • Alternative Treatments private presentation and seminar for the benefits of cannabinoids and My Compassion.
  • The American Cultivator “second release” with focus on Hemp.
  • Wellness House Cancer Support Group presentation in Hinsdale, Illinois of how cannabinoids helps with cancer with Alysa Erwin, Phil Devries, Dr. Elliot Levine, and Attorney Sam Borek.
  • Begin the development of its second branch in Colorado for My Compassion.
  • The American Cultivator 4th Release and 1 year anniversary with a final tally of 1.3 million readers.
2013 Milestones

2013 was a stellar year as we began with a large Billboard Awareness Campaign that was placed on major highways in the Detroit Metro and Lansing areas from the Downriver Community Compassion Club to Michigan Compassion a statewide education organization.

  • Michigan Compassion was responsible for lighting up digital billboards about cannabinoids on major highways consecutively for 6 months fully funded from our plastic donation containers which raised $60k.
  • Google Grant” was presented to Michigan Compassion to optimize our cannabinoid education on the web which receives worldwide attention.
  • Spearheaded the “Guide to Understanding the Michigan Medical MJ Act.” We began with enough funds to print 275 copies the rest is history from there. There are over 7500 in circulation at the end of 2013.
  • Michigan Compassion met with the head of the Social Work Department at Karmanos Cancer Institute, the largest cancer center in Michigan.
  • Michigan Compassion made history again by being the first cannabinoid education organization to be approved for the CFC Campaign. This is a program where Federal employees select their nonprofit of choice and donate through payroll deduction. Presentations were held at the following Federal Buildings:
  1. US Postal Service – Detroit
  2. US Postal Service – Pontiac
  3. Theodore Levin United States Court House – Detroit
  4. US Army TACOM – Warren
  5. Patrick McNamara Federal Building – Detroit
  6. FDA Building and US Patent Office – Detroit
  7. VA Hospital – Ann Arbor
  • Michigan Compassion hosts the Michigan Medical Canna Tradeshow in Taylor, MI with panel discussions from Patients, Doctors, Attorneys and Politicians.
  • Completed 300 Public Meetings, Seminars and Conferences which touched 100,000 lives.
  • The American Cultivator News Magazine is donated to Michigan Compassion by Hilary Dulany.
2012 Milestones

2012 was the beginning of My Compassion’s Federal nonprofit status and the beginning of a large scale Awareness program.

  • Completed 250 meetings in the state of Michigan with requests to expand throughout the state.
  • Federal Nonprofit status approved.
  • Michigan Compassion was responsible for lighting up digital billboards about cannabinoids on major highways consecutively for 6 months fully funded from our plastic donation containers.
2011 Milestones

2011 brought forth access to a larger amount of patients from around the state of Michigan to attend meetings from as far north as Lansing, MI to as far south as Columbus, OH to as far west as Fort Wayne, IN and as far east as Toronto, CN.

  • Submitted application for Federal Nonprofit status as a 501(c)(3).
  • Completed a total of 200 public meetings in a variety of locations at Libraries, VFW Halls, Community Centers and Gathering Halls. Average meeting size was 80 to 100 patients, caregivers, and families.
  • Held our annual fundraiser as the Emerald Egg Silent Auction.
2010 Milestones

Completed a full year of public meetings and expanded by having meetings on the Northern and Southern areas of Downriver for a expansive constituent base.

  • Continued meetings in Southgate as the northern most point of Downriver with 75 meetings completed.
  • Began Southern Downriver meetings with 40 meetings happening at a variety of locations from VFW Halls, Community Centers and Gathering Halls.
  • Launched the Downriver Health and Cannabinoids Fair at the Germantown Hall in Brownstown, MI.
2009 Milestones

2009 began our journey of a patient focused Community Organization with a small meeting of 16 people in the library of the Southgate Public Library known at the time as the Downriver Community Compassion Club.

  • First meetings as a patient focused club organization setup for local community patients in Detroit, Downriver and Monroe Michigan.
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