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Outreach, Education, & Research on the Medical Benefits of Cannabis
Community Outreach – My Compassion | Outreach, Education, & Research on the Medical Benefits of Cannabis

My Compassion’s work aims to promote patient health, dignity and community impact through program development and sustainability, organizational development, monitoring and evaluation, and community mobilization. My Compassion’s programs include advice and support, evaluation assistance, strategic assessment and organizational planning through community consultation and resource development including print materials, live presentations and webinars.

Community Meetings & Presentations

My Compassion community meetings provide the most accurate information about the benefits of cannabis, qualifying conditions and the laws surrounding patient use. They can also provide opportunities for feedback from attendees that may bring attention to broader concerns, including competency in service and products from dispensaries and local businesses that service them.

Public Education and Resource Materials

My Compassion publication materials have aesthetically pleasing images and easy to read content. The vast content of information is developed by a collaboration of professionals which include Director’s, Medical and Legal Advisory Board Members, Patients, Caregivers and Researchers. My Compassion’s educational materials are used for multiple forms of outreach and include:

  • Brochures are descriptive explaining approved conditions, potential side effects, products, dosing, safety and My Compassion’s Cannabis Helpline toll-free number or website for additional information. Fact sheets and flyers are image heavy documents with descriptors, charts, graphs, bright colors representing surrounding specific topics such as qualifying conditions, facts and figures, diagrammatic images, etc.
  • Guidebooks on the Michigan Marijuana Laws provide information on all of Michigan’s medical and recreational laws, legal opinions, court rulings, and other pertinent information that affects public health and safety. Vol I, published in 2012, Vol II published 2017, Vol III 2019, Vol IV 4/1/20. Guidebooks
  • Public Safety Campaigns – My Compassion offers a variety of resources to our coalition network to help educate patients and local communities. These resources include awareness campaigns, tip sheets, safety guides and videos on safe cannabis storage, dangers of in-home extraction, odor, transporting and accidental ingestion of medical cannabis by children and other adults. My Compassion urges government to enhance the structure and stabilize funding for medical cannabis safety procedures and solutions.
  • Website – delivers a high level of information for anyone looking to learn more about medical cannabis. My Compassion’s website is easy to navigate and designed to provide information, education and trusted resources to its visitors.

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