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Outreach, Education, & Research on the Medical Benefits of Cannabis
Clinical Education – My Compassion | Outreach, Education, & Research on the Medical Benefits of Cannabis

My Compassion’s Clinical Outreach program is responsible for connecting with healthcare professionals to provide resources for education about medical cannabis care and build a robust clinical community throughout the region serving patients who are utilizing medical cannabis for their chronic conditions. My Compassion advocates patients to be open with their Doctors about their use of cannabis and how it affects them, without the fear of being rejected or removed from other prescriptions they might need. Our Clinical Outreach program assures Physicians have access to the latest research and information so they have a better understanding when talking with their patients.

  • Continuing Education Courses – curriculum for CME and CNE courses are designed to help healthcare professionals learn pertinent information about dosing, drug interactions, treatment and research, so they may stay abreast of the emerging use of cannabis. Through this manner of education, a higher level of confidence will be instilled with medical professionals when recommending cannabis to their patients.
  • Healthcare and Cannabis Folders – are an important part of My Compassion’s Clinical Outreach and its commitment to provide healthcare providers resource materials for clinical education about cannabinoid therapeutics. This is necessary to build a robust clinical community that is open to serving patients who are utilizing cannabinoids for their chronic conditions.  My Compassion Folders are designed to assure Doctors have access to the most accurate, up to date information when talking to their patients about cannabis.

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