Epilepsy and Seizures

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Epilepsy and Seizures

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Epilepsy is a chronic condition disorder in which the brain produces seizures. This type of seizure are not caused by other medical conditions such as high fevers or brain injuries. Epilepsy has the ability to affect patients in a variety of ways because there could be many reasons and many kinds of seizures. Some patients may have a variety of seizures or other chronic conditions on top of epilepsy. All of these factors play a dominant role in the severity of the patient’s condition and the impact epilepsy will have on their lives.

A seizure can produce varying side effects such as causing a patient to fall, have staring spells, shake, and in many cases become unaware of what is happening around them. Epilepsy can be caused by other conditions that affect the brain like strokes, brain tumors, central nervous system infection or traumatic brain injuries (TBI).

According to the latest statistics 2% of adults aged 18 years or older have been diagnosed with epilepsy or seizure disorder which is about 4.3 million adults and 750,000 children aged 0-17 years based on the population stats for 2013.

The total cost of epilepsy in the U.S. is estimated to be at $16 billion annually.

As news spreads of children and adults with uncontrollable epilepsy being provided cannabidiol (CBD) – a non-psychoactive ingredient and other types of medical cannabis strains, desperate parents and patients have created an outcry for more research, information and potentially a chance to attempt these treatments.

My Compassion believes that the serious long-term effects of synthetic anti-epileptic pharmaceuticals with a lifetime of unrelenting seizures cannot be set aside. The positive outcomes that some patients like Kimberly ColeĀ and Noah Smith have been seeing with cannabinoid extracts are giving many patients and parents the hope they have been wishing.

Many epilepsy patients have tried countless number of medications, invasive electrical stimulation devices, brain operations, alternative therapies and dietary changes with inconsistent relief of their symptoms. Shouldn’t cannabinoids then become a viable natural alternative choice when no other treatments work?

My Compassion believes that cannabinoids provide a increase in the quality of life for patients, parents and families. My Compassion is committed to helping patients, caregivers, parents, doctors and researchers overcome the obstacles to advanced research in this area.My Compassion understands that cannabinoids or CBD enriched strains may not be the only answer and that much more needs to be done in finding treatments and a cure for all forms of epilepsy and seizures. Current epilepsy cannabinoid patients are encouraged that this may become a promising treatment presently and into the future. My Compassion researchers will be testing pure THC and CBD as well as high CBD / low THC, high THC / low CBD and other types of cannabinoid compounds on epilepsy in order to clearly define cannabinoid effects on seizure control and epilepsy.