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Outreach, Education, & Research on the Medical Benefits of Cannabis
Heidi Knierim – My Compassion | Outreach, Education, & Research on the Medical Benefits of Cannabis
Heidi Knierim

Heidi Knierim

Board President & Executive Director

Heidi is the Founder & Chief Executive Officer of My Compassion, a 501(c)(3) charitable nonprofit organization that provides cannabis education and research. Under Heidi’s leadership, My Compassion became the first federally recognized cannabis nonprofit founded in the state of Michigan and fourth in the country to advocate and educate for the medicinal use of cannabis.

Heidi began advocating for cannabis in 2009 when she became the Executive Director of the Downriver Community Compassion Club, which serviced all Southeastern Michigan, through weekly public meetings and events on cannabis. Upon receiving federal approval in 2011, Heidi became President and CEO of My Compassion where she created the organizations infrastructure and programs. My Compassion provides outreach across Michigan and is charged with educating municipalities on the new laws and regulations. Through her supervision, My Compassion was responsible for ground breaking accomplishments like winning the 1st Google Adwords Grant using the word “cannabis” and being accepted into the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) which federal employees are encouraged to donate. The Google announcement had a profound effect across the country and gave the Industry the confidence it needed to forge ahead.

Since 2011 Heidi has increased the organizations revenues and in-kind donations to help expand on patient and provider learning outcomes, and ending preventable disease and pain through clinical studies and trials on cannabis. Heidi has spoken publicly on cannabis at over 300 public meetings and presentations. She has written and published several newspapers and articles on medical cannabis.

Prior to My Compassion, Heidi worked in the private sector in restaurant management for 30 years. As an entrepreneur, her love for food and beverage, led her to open three full service restaurants in Southwest Michigan. Heidi’s restaurants employed over 200 people and served regulars like Mohamed Ali and Debbie Reynolds. Upon leaving the restaurant business Heidi spent time with her four children and grandchildren, prior to her nonprofit work.